435 Kms North East of Guwahati, Dibrugarh is a major town of upper Assam and important commercial centre of the state. It's often referred to as the 'Tea City of India. Oil and Timber are the other two big industries in and around Dibrugarh. Situated on the bank of Brahmaputra River, the town is also an important education centre in upper Assam. Assam Medical College was formally established on November 3, 1947 at Dibrugarh. It was, however, earlier known as Berry-White School of Medicine, which was founded in 1900. It has the distinction of being the first medical college in the entire North-eastern region of India. Dibrugarh has had a fluctuating relationship with the River Brahmaputra. Back in 1950, the river changed its course because of the Medog Earthquake, resulting in widespread destruction in the town. The earthquake and the resulting flood destroyed almost 75% of the town of Dibrugarh.

The town has recovered from the aftermath since then, and people have come to accept the mercurial nature of the river while staying in its shadow. Dibrugarh, apart from being one of the largest producers of tea in the country, is also known for its oil and natural gas reserves Dibrugrah is well connected by air, road, and rail.

Places to see in Dibrugarh:

Koli Aai Than: a sacred place dedicated to 'Ka Aai', the daughter of the head priest of the `Dibaru Satra'. Legend states that due to lack of a male heir, the Satra started declining. However, Koli Aai kept it alive by preaching its ideals and the principles to the masses. It is believed that Koli Ai was bestowed with divine powers and she vanished from the site one day, leaving behind a strong religious legacy in the minds of the people.

Medieval Memorial Grounds (Maidams): In and around Dibrugarh, there are number of memorial grounds raised during the regime of the Ahoms. Some of these Maidams are Barbarua Maidam, Bormechlow Maidam, Lekhai Chetia Maidam and Bahikhowa Maidam.

Dehing Satra: The ruins of this famous Satra from the times of King Rajeswar Singha, lie along the banks of Dehing River. During the famous Moamoria revolution, the Satra received royal support.

Lush green tea estates: Excursions can be organized to visit the sprawling lush green tea estates dotted with old world bungalows. During the visit one can the tea labourers plucking tea leaves, the factories and lifestyle of the tea estates.

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